God’s precious gems


Each one of us is a precious stone that God created. We start out rough when we are first found. Some of us are close to the surface and little digging is required to unearth us. Others are deep within the ground and there’s a lot of chiseling and hammering required. Then, there are those who need a blast of dynamite to get us out! But when were are finally unearthed, that’s when God begins the real work on us.

When you look at a precious stone and see the beauty of all of it facets, the reality is that each one of those facets or cuts was a “scar” or a “trial” God put that stone through. He shapes us by cutting away the rough edges, the impurities and the flaws. In some cases exposing those flaws even more! It’s through this shaping that slowly, we begin to turn into the beautiful unique, one-of-a- kind gem that God see’s us as.
Once He starts working on us, He won’t stop!

The amazing thing is that God uses Master craftsman to do His work. Who you ask? People just like you and me! Whoa! How can that be?

Each one of us believer’s that have been transformed, have a unique gifts God has given us. Some have music talents, the gift of speaking, prayers, compassion, and so many more talents. He uses each of our gifts for his purpose. We are the chisels, the hammers and the dynamite God uses on other “diamonds in the rough”! It’s through sharing our gifts, stories and testimonies of how God has been shaping us through these trials, that God reveals His glory. Our scars shine for His glory!

That person here who is so witty and wise is really just a rough gem just like you. It may seem impossible to get past your troubles to the place they are now. But truthfully, they’ve gotten to that place because God has been cutting and polishing them. That flawless stone we see isn’t flawless at all. It was because of the work God did in them during those difficulties and mercies that they are able to shine like they are now! Some are multi-faceted, different colors, rough around the edges, smooth and polished, or cut from different geology. But, as different as we are He knows the light he has hidden inside every one of us. God knows every cut that will bring out the natural beauty that’s within us, so we will shine as brightly as the brightest of diamonds.

So, when you’re in a trial or struggling to get by, know that God using this experience to shape you into the gem you are meant to become. He will shape each one of us, one facet at a time until one day we’re polished, shiny and sparkling with His Love and Glory. it is up to us to learn and grow during that process so we can shine bright.

They say that Heaven is paved with streets of gold. But I also believe it’s bejeweled with all the gems He is cutting and polishing here on this Earth. One stone at a time, God is creating a Heaven more beautiful and brighter than anything we can ever imagine…

P.S.- Sorry for reposting this! I’m still trying to figure out how to get my posts to work right!!!


  1. Cybele Moon (Hanna) · February 11, 2014

    beautifully said. Very poetic, very meaningful


  2. Carla · February 11, 2014

    Congratz on your blog dude! i like it very much. I think that the only way to listen to God is when you’re in peace with yourself and it seems you’re in that way… btw i envy you lol. Hugs!


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